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So you’ve got your printer, what do you do now….?

Okay, so the first thing people ask me about 3D printers is, “so what do I do with it now?” and my answer is normally “anything you can imagine”.

There are websites, such as that have loads of useful (and a lot more not useful) designs for you to download and print.

Did you get your printer as ‘I must have one of those’ or more of a ‘If I had one of those I could….’?  If it was the former, maybe you have more money than sense, or maybe you have a designer hidden deep inside that was controlling your inner self.

If it was the latter, then this is where you come into your own!  You have Tinkercad or Sketchup or for the more numerically inclined, OpenSCAD.  If you have money, a lot of money, then you will need something like Solidworks.  There are so many design tools that you can call on to bring those idea to life as a piece of plastic.

Over the next few blogs, I will try and give you some ideas for turning ideas into real things to play with.