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BioFila Linen Filament

BioFila Linen
BioFila Linen

As a 3D printer, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting filament and when I saw the posts from twoBEars ( and their BioFila Linen, I thought I really need to give this a try.  Now, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really sure exactly how this was going to differ from other filament I print with but, with the waste of plastic that 3D printing seems to generate quite happily by itself, the chance to try something that was touted as sustainable was certainly going to get tried!

Out came my hardworking Metal Simple and as it didn’t have a heated bed then (it does now) I started with my stock PLA settings at a temperature of 195C.  2014-07-13 11.25.06It printed really quite well.  I was a bit worried about the high (90C) heated bed that was cited with the test prints, that it would have trouble sticking, but it was fine.

The layers bonded well and smoothly and it came out as a very satisfactory print. So, looking at the sample page, I thought I would try the recommended temperature for a shiny finish.  Now 170C is too low for my Marlin configuration, it kicks back with Cold Extrusion Prevented, so I upped it to 175C and, again, it printed fine.  However I didn’t see a great deal of difference in the print between the 195C and the 175C prints.  Now the colour is, to be honest, a bit drab, being a light beige, but being linen based, I am wondering if it can be dyed, maybe something I can try in the future, unless someone has already tried and can let me know how it turned out?

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