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Putting it Together – Build Day

So on Saturday March 22nd 2014 I started what I hope will become a fairly regular thing – A Printrbot Simple Build Day.  It was held at C4CC near Kings Cross Station (it’s a cool, designy/techy space, tied in with some universities).

the room, initial layout - soon changed
the room, initial layout – soon changed

The day started early, it was my first one and it needed a bit of organising.   Okay, a lot of organising, I laid out the tables and then, as soon as people started turning up, moved them all around.  We settled on an L shape with a printer table on the 3rd side and the screen on the last side of the square.

I received the kits from RoboSavvy along with some Simple Towers and Aluminium extruder kits.

The A team - first to print
The A team – first to print

There was no-one that I would call a complete technical novice, but this is a fair part of mechanical build and some simple plug and connect wiring.  Nothing particularly difficult, but it does need some knowledge of the best way to put things together.  All in all, a good bunch of people with the skills and determination to put the printer together and to print something.

Everything was pretty much a free-for-all, and I was on hand to point out some of the ‘gotchas’ that can catch you out and have you taking

intense concentration
intense concentration

it apart to rebuild it.  Also, supporting Printrbot for EMEA, I had a stock for spare parts for the small broken/missing/DOA parts.

Some people were quicker than others, but all managed to build, configure and print, which was what the aim was.

Did everyone enjoy themselves? Well I know I did and the comments posted on the RoboSavvy site seem to give the impression that the participants did.

There’s another one coming along in a few weeks and, if that’s works as well, maybe we can get more people printing..